Book #4 “The Chosen One”


Book 4: The Draconis Project ” The Chosen One ”

The stories continues as McCoy barely escapes the surprise attack by the Black Mambas. He and Malena finally make it to the safe house unharmed. He then realizes that the Black Mambas might be holding the scientist hostage somewhere in Downtown Orleans.

Dr. T.Kampoor has just opened a chamber into the unknown , he will soon realize that he will learn that his fate is tied to the destiny of our planet.

Malvectus has located Maltyrius’s ship that has been hiding at Groom’s Lake , also known as AREA 51. He has deployed an elite army, The Crimson Guard, out to retrieve the weapon that Maltyrius’s was carrying on board.

Dr. Svensen has completed the final stages of the Draconis Project and the serum is ready for its first trial run. He knows now what he has created will not be used to save our planet, instead it will destroy it. He has pledged that he will do whatever it takes to make sure that Lygar does not get his hands on this fatal serum. He must do the unthinkable for the safety of his daughter and the rest of the universe. The world is in his hands.

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