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The Draconis Project

Welcome to The Draconis Project

This is a futuristic story that takes place in the year 2044. Triversa-Prime is our universe which is made up of three galaxies; the Milky Way, the Faspian, and the Torillian galaxy. The Torillian galaxy was the first galaxy in existence. Torillian consist of 7 planets, 5 moons, and 2 suns. The main planet in it’s orbit is called Malsevia. Malsevia is the oldest known planet to support life and having been inhabited for over one million years. Malsevians are known to be the advisors and the guardians of Triversa-Prime, as well as the most superior race in existence. Their mission as intergalactic ambassadors was to visit every planet within the Prime and advise all species throughout their evolutionary cycle. The messenger, Maltyrius inhabited Earth for many years carrying his planets most prized treasure, the sphere of Malsevia. During his time on Earth he inconspicuously influenced mankind through their early advancements of science and technology. During the second millennia of man, the seer noticed that the sphere had expelled an enormous amount of energy that covered the Earth’s surface. This unique phenomena had touched five ethnically random children. The sphere’s energy had opened the minds of these children and imprinted the universal schematics and formulas of Malsevia. The sphere’s unintended effects on the human children became Maltyrius’s sole duty to watch over them until the age of adulthood and once that age was reached, he would have to iniate the ritual of the sphere. His only communication with the five children was by inception; through their dreams. The children’s names were: Johann Svensen (Swedish), Jung To Lee (Chinese), William Lattimor (American), Tarik Kampoor (Indian), and Kraus Kinner (German). These children will one day be the future and survival for the planet of Carbonia a.k.a. EARTH.

Latest Issue

Main Cover copy

Book 6 : “The Duel”

The story continues where Dr. Kampoor has just completed the final stage of Malharwa, the Malsevian ritual of becoming one with the stone. He now knows that his destiny has been revealed by the shard of foresight. He must warn the other “chosen ones” of Malvectus’s plans to destroy Earth if they do not stop him.

Meanwhile, Lygar has finally acquired the Draconis serum and is planning to use this serum to immortalize himself. Malvectus has just located the sphere, somewhere in the Himalayan mountains. He will finally meet the “traitor” that he has been searching for his entire life.

Back at the old incinerator factory, McCoy is alive and has been transformed by the serum. He is angry, tired and thirsty. The only thing on his mind is finding Lygar and the White Wolf who sealed his fate in the blazing inferno. He will soon realize that his newly transformed self will have it’s advantages and disadvantages. Janjak, the mamba king, is planning for a complete takeover of the city and there is no one left to stop him; so he thinks.

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Funded Books

The Draconis Project Book 1

The Abducted

Draconis project 1 cover copy


The Draconis Project Book 2

The Search Begins

Book 2 Cover


The Draconis Project Book 3

The Unknown



The Draconis Project Book 4

The Chosen One



The Draconis Project Book 5

The Transformation

MC5! copy


The Draconis Project Book 6

The Duel

Main Cover copy

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