BOOK #1 “The Abducted”


Book 1 The Draconis Project ¬†” Abducted ”

The year 2044, Earth has been threatened by a series of extreme solar storms. NASR scientist have been working diligently to create a new Global Emergency System to help prepare mankind for the ultimate solar storm called the “Solaris Effect”. Meanwhile, Dr. Johann Svensen, a renowned biophysicist at the NEO VITAE Laboratory in Sprintonville, Iowa, has spent years working on a serum to protect humans from the upcoming catastrophic solar phenomena. Soon after his extraordinary medical breakthrough, Dr. Svensen was abducted from his lab and has not been seen since.

C.I.M.A. Enterprises (Cybernetic Innovations for Medical Advancements) a new and vastly growing company that is providing the world with state-of- the- art cybernetic implants and prosthetics is under the watchful eye of G.T.U.(The Global Antiterrorism Unit). Behind the exterior of this company is the eclectic, multi-millionaire Lygar the C.E.O. of CIMA Enterprises, who has befriended a visitor from another galaxy who ultimately seeks to rule Triversa-Prime.

Malvectus(the intergalactic visitor) has deployed an elite band of mercenaries called The Crimson Guard, to seek out and eliminate a unique group of scientists(The Chosen Ones)whom might foil his plans in achieving total dominance of Earth.

Somewhere in South Louisiana, a medically retired G.T.U(Global AntiTerrorism Unit) field agent, Aiden McCoy ,a.k.a “Phoenix” has been investigating C.I.M.A. Enterprises his entire career. McCoy had evidence that C.I.M.A.Enterprises was more than just a medical innovatons company, they were a front for smuggling stolen hi-tech weapons. ¬†During a raid on a hidden compound, McCoy was hit by an explosive round to the chest that blinded him for life, as well as left him for dead, but miraculously he survived. Agent McCoy, with his new state of the art cyber eyes, compliments of C.I.M.A. Enterprises, will have to come out of retirement to take the task of searching for this missing scientist. McCoy will have to face many dangers that come with the territory. He will soon realize that there is no comfort in southern hospitality.

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