Book #3 ” The Unknown “


Book 3: The Draconis Project ” The Unknown”

Earth was visited by an intergalactic being over 2000 years ago from the planet Malsevia. Malsevia is one of many planets that exist in Triversa-Prime which is made up of three galaxies; The Torillian, the Faspian and the Milky Way. Malsevia is the oldest known planet to support life having been inhabited for over 10,000 years. Malsevians are the guardians as well as the superior species amongst the planets in the Triversa-Prime with the technology far more advanced than any planet in known existence.

For over five thousand years, the Sect of Chronos; the council of Seers, have foretold a prophecy that one day a child will be born with the “sight” as a protector and the intuition of a seer. He will also possess an extraordinary ability to channel the sphere’s power back into itself and then release its raw power. This prophecy has come true, this child, chosen by the sphere, is named Malvectus.

Now that Malena is safe and out of harms way, McCoy has to find her father before it’s too late. McCoy, out of retirement, has to search the city for any clues that can lead him to Dr. Svensen.

Meanwhile, Dr. Tarun Kampoor has arrived at his uncle’s old run down Indian store located in the center of the International market in Downtown Orleans. He has been in hiding ever since the attack on his lab and the death of his family unbeknownst to why it happened. The only thing he carries is his faithful rug and the ruby stone of KanKar.

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